Keynote or seminar speaker

  Keynote, Seminar or Managementsession


Anita Middelkoop will deliver the session in Dutch or in English. She is an intercultural management specialist and has worked in international roles herself for over 20 years. Her clients include major multinational organizations.  Anita is an engaging speaker, known for her dynamic and engaging style.


Whether you are organising an internal kick-off, a customer session or any other event and you are looking for an inspiring keynote speaker. 
Anita takes the attendeeds on an journey about the impact of culture on their own ant other's behaviours and offers tools for people to get a more open and global mindset. 


You are looking for someone to share insights on Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. Anita brings you knowledge in a fresh and entertaining way. A great mixture of inspiration and knowledge.


The managementteam is considering the strategy around cultural diversity, leasership and impact of cultural diversity on the organisation. You are looking for someone to inspires, facilitates and has in-depth knowlegde. Anita helps you to define your strategy and learn you tools to implement in an engaging way. 

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