Expats ABCD

'The Expat ABCD'  program is developed for Expats who are working in a typical Dutch or an international environment. 


The program consists of:

A - Acculturation proces

Research has shown that Expats face many challenges in their new home country and experience different feelings. When the new life becomes the new 'normal' there will be uncertainties and doubts This module of the ABCD program makes you aware of the different stages, how to recognize them and how to deal with them. 

B -"Be prepared" 

Everything is new. The way people behave, communicate, prepare for meetings, expectations are all different from what you are used to. Culture is very determinative, but very much underestimated.  The "Be prepared" module helps you to survive and understand what is going on. Together we prepare your meetings so you know what can you expect in a certain meeting, what do people expect from you? This way you can work efficient and effective and be successful.

C - "Cultural Awareness"

Wees bewust van de cultuurverschillen en de impact hiervan op de dagelijkse gang van zaken binnen de organisatie. Bepaalde verwachtingen, bepaald gedrag komt voort uit onze culturele waarden. Met dit onderdeel leer je het verschil tussen "wat is persoonlijkheid en wat is cultuur" te herkennen en erkennen.

D - Dutch Culture"

Dutch culture is famous or maybe even notorious for being direct. Is it true? Yes. Why do they behave like that and how to deal with this. Dutch rituals, heroes and symbols are relatively easy to learn and understand, but understanding the underlaying values is key in this part of the program.

The Expat ABCD program gives you a headstart!

 Expat ABCD


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