Cultural Awareness for Teams

 Cultural Awareness for Teams

For whom is the Cultural Awareness session?

1) multi cultural teams

2) teamleaders or projectleaders leading multicultural teams

Why should I attend?


Research shows that people from different countries and cultures are raised with a great diversity of values. These differences make it hard for multicultural teams to communicate. Not seldom this leads to frustration about the behaviour of "the other". To correctly interpret the intention of behavior is the hardest part. Stereotyps and bias makes it even harder. We all see the world not as it is, but as we are.

This session is the perfect fit to your need

The session consists of a mix of personal leadershop, communication skills and culture. It helps you to recognise and acknowledge patterns. Even more important are the tools you will work with how to deal with these cultural differences and turn them into an advantage for your team.

What are the take-aways for me and my team?

to create awareness of

  • what is culture?
  • how does culture impact perceptions and expectations?
  • what role can it play when collaborating with colleagues, clients and other parties from different cultural backgrounds?
  • what are the differences in cultural drivers (using Hofstede’s culture model as a framework)
  • give participants insight into their emotional reactions and existing coping strategies when interacting with people from different cultures (using powerful simulation)
  • give participants insight into how their own cultural drivers affect their behaviour, reactions, assumptions and expectations as related to their function. e. ‘what makes me tick?’
  • give participants insight into the culturally determined drivers which determine the behaviour and perceptions of people from other cultures. e. ‘what makes them tick?’
  • introduce Hofstede’s culture model as a tool to analyse, understand and anticipate the cultural differences participants are likely to encounter within their operational context.
  • give understanding of how cultural differences are likely to impact business interactions and processes in the participants’ own work environment. i.e. collaboration, communication, team work, leadership, motivation etc.
  • facilitate development of participants’ intercultural sensitivity and understanding. This will result in their being equipped with alternative behavioural strategies and approaches to optimise their effectiveness and efficiency in their intercultural context
  • give participants insight into their current level of development of a number of key intercultural competences (using Intercultural Readiness Check – IRC)
  • equip participants with an action plan, plus tools and strategies in order to further develop the competences most crucial to success within their current role
  • practise approaches and behaviours in order to experience the effect of alternative behaviour (in negotiations, client relations, presentations, meetings, management style etc.)
  • examine own cases and context in order to optimise effectivity and results

 Is preparation required?

Prior to this course, participants fill-in a pre-questionnaire which serves as (anonymous) input for the workshop.

We will schedule a (online) intake to discuss your situation. What cultures/countries are involved and what are the challenges you are facing?

Flexible in delivery:  Live or online

1. Live, at your premises

Live is the best option, because of the personal interacton. Is your work environment corona - proof, then I'm happy to come over to your offices. We start at 9:30 AM and finish around 5 PM. 

2. Online, using Zoom or Teams

This is the best option for international teams that are based at different locations. A full day though is really a challenge to stay focused, even with regular breaks. The best is to split the session in 2 half days. 

Bonus: continuation and embedding

Once the session is finished, everyone is going back to work. To embed what you and the team have learned, we will do another session of max. 2 hrs to enable you to ask open questions or discuss situations. 

What is the investment?

The total investment is  € 2795 excl. BTW for the entire team (max 16 attendees). This includes

   intake hour in advance 

   training session of 2 half days

   2 hrs to answer open questions or cases

    and ofcourse during the sessions the relevant countries will be taken into account

There is 2 things to do now:

Option 1: Go back to work and leave it as is

It will turn out fine in the end, right?

Is it going to be worse? Will the team deliver? What about burn-out cases?

Option 2: Let's make a phone call

No costs, just a little time.

Want to contact me straight away?

Give me a call or text me +31 6 29 279 002

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