Do you struggle with the impact of cultural diversity on collaboration?

 Do you work in international teams? Or work with partners and customers from different cultures? Do you find it sometimes hard to collaborate and does this lead to misunderstanding and maybe even frustration? Is this something you recognize?

Do you want to turn this around, leading to positive collaboration, having an open and global mindset, and want to be successful in international business?

You are on the right website. I am here to help you.

Be prepared for living in the Netherlands

Great insights in just one day



Inspiring for your audience


Work together and build your team relationship. Positive vibes and understanding how culture impacts us all.

Getting acquinted in the Netherlands a real struggle? The ABCD program is simple and high valued by expats.

Veel leuke voorbeelden zorgen voor een informatieve, leerzame lezing. Ik noem het "edutainment" educatie en entertainment tegelijk! 

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